Sailor Moon - Starbucks Parody
Sailor Moon - Starbucks Parody

Sailor Moon - Starbucks Parody

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This mug features Sailor Moon resting on a bright yellow present shaped moon. It looks amazing and will designed. It will be a perfect gift for all Anime and Sailor Moon fans. The bright big design is featured on both sides of the mug as well.

Starbucks Parody Collection Mug 
This is an official UrbanBrew LLC Collectors Mug. Collect all of them and show off to all your friends and family! Don't drink from a boring plain mug 

Free Gift Packaging Included 
All UrbanBrew LLC Mugs come with a white gift box! Buy It Now and send it to any person! Send it to your family members, friends and family for any occasion. 

High Quality 
All UrbanBrew LLC Mugs have very crisp clear printing. Any color on the mug will pop bright and last. All the texts will also be clear and easy to read. 

Care / Maintenance 
11oz Ceramic Mug. 
This mug is Dishwasher & Microwave Safe. 
(It is recommended to hand wash for longer life)

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